Album Review: Blaenavon’s That’s Your Lot


Blaenavon released their long-awaited debut album on Friday, and it was certainly worth the wait. The Hampshire outfit, who first appeared as teenagers five years ago, have shown that they are almost certain to be a major indie band for years to come.

What is perhaps most impressive about the album is how it defiantly decides to throw the rule book out of the window. Sure, there are tunes that can appeal to the masses such as My Bark Is Your Bite, but the album also features three songs that surpass the six-minute mark, including the atmospheric and beautiful Swans. 

Frontman Ben Gregory’s mournful vocals evoke memories of Bastille’s Dan Smith. His lyrics show a maturity beyond his youthful appearance, and many of these songs were first thought of when he was still a schoolboy.

The album includes jaunty yet dark Let’s Pray, with melancholic lyrics such as ‘Let’s pray for death’. Previously mentioned My Bark Is Your Bite is probably the band’s best-known song, and Gregory’s vocals give off a distinctly Morrissey-esque quality. Lonely Side is an outlier on the record, with it’s funky guitars jarring slightly against the more indie feel on the rest of the album.

Alice Come Home and Ode To Joe are two of the longer tracks featured, both showing off the trio’s ability to form mature, fully-fledged songs. One of my favourites on the album is I Will Be The World, which portrays a rockier, slightly grungy side to the band, beginning unassumingly but building up to an exciting, fast-paced climax. However, the title of best song on the record must go to Prague ’99, which is atmospheric and rocky, and absolutely beautiful. The epic Swans follows, pushing the eight-minute barrier in it’s masterful beauty.

That’s Your Lot reveals a band that is certain to be an indie favourite for years to come, and is the beautiful culmination of five years of work from Blaenavon. It is classy and mature, and listening to it in it’s 59-minute entirety can be an emotional experience. They obviously aren’t afraid to do exactly what they want, and it is clear why this album has been so hotly anticipated. A fantastic debut offering from a band with lots more to offer.

Album rating: 9/10


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